Another successful brewery shipment for PLI!

EMO Trans’ Project Logistics International arm successfully shipped eight fermentation tanks for a popular microbrewery located in the countryside of California. The shipment was transported by river barge from the south of Germany to the Port of Vlissingen in the Netherlands. From there, the journey continued over the North Atlantic into the Gulf of Mexico, through the Panama Canal to Long Beach, California.

PLI succesfully completes delivery-011216


IMG_20150218_154810959 (2)

After arrival of the vessel, a direct discharge of the tanks onto the waiting specialized trucking equipment was arranged, and the shipment was delivered to the brewery to the full satisfaction of the client.”

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PLI Completes Delivery of Brewery Tanks to Boulder

As reported last month, EMO Trans’ Project Logistics International (PLI) began a large-scale shipment of specialty brewery tanks from Germany to their final destination of Boulder, Colorado. The tanks have safely arrived at the customer’s facility – a specialty microbrewery – and will soon be ready to start producing some great stuff for beer aficionados.

Michael Horn, director of PLI, says, “The shipment was successful because EMO Trans chose vendors with a proven track record and the experience to handle jobs like this.” He also believes that EMO Trans’ ever-growing experience in this type of shipment will benefit other customers in the industry who desire the same specialty European equipment.



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